Forget a roundup – this here is a link rodeo! It’s a collection of cool/exciting/delicious food news, recipes, and more that we’ve encountered recently. Yeehaw. Or something. 

This week’s rodeo is hosted by a tea leaf.

  1. The Non-Judgmental Guide for Getting Seriously Into Tea from Serious Eats
  2. Iced Green Tea with Mint & Ginger from The Kitchn.
  3. Fresh Mint Tea from us!
  4. Earl Grey Ice Cream from Gimme Some Oven.
  5. Green Tea Cocktail (aka the Brie-tini) from us!

Image by Vicky Wasik from Serious Eats.

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She lives in the Bay Area and cites her diverse background as her biggest influence: her visual artist mom is half-Chinese, half-Greek, and from Hawai’i; her film-loving, world-music curating dad is from Montana; and she lived in both California and Montana while growing up. She loves at least a little bit about virtually everything (Pokémon Snap included) and aims to be a Jane of all trades. By day Cat is a multiple-hat-wearing media person.

She is also allergic to felines.
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