“Santa” went a little tea crazy this year. Every member of our household got a personal tea infuser, a few samples of different loose leaf teas, and the always-so-delicious honey sticks. It was like a little zoo on Christmas morning.

Brie got an owl:


Her mom got a cat:


My boyfriend got a squirrel:


And roommate #2 got a t-rex:


These admittedly aren’t the greatest tea infusers of all time, but they’re adorable and a fun novelty item for the types who only have an occasional cup of tea. After Christmas, I ended up treating myself to something a little more serious:


This thing is awesome and only about $10. I read about it on Sweethome (my favorite place for reviews lately). It does a great job straining out even fine particles and really lets the flavor get through. Love it.

I’ve always been more of a bagged tea person — less mess, easy to grab at the grocery store. Some of my favorite bagged teas are Lady Grey (black tea, orange, lemon, and bergamot and it doesn’t require a lick of sweetener), chai rooibos from Yogi Tea (caffeine-free, naturally sweet), and Tazo’s Passion tea (hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips, and passion fruit flavors). But since buying the new strainer, I’ve been trying all sorts of things. There’s a lovely local tea place with delicious options, but I’ve also been slowly trying out different recommendations from around the web. My favorite so far is jasmine silver needle from Adagio teas, but I am still looking for more options. I’m especially a fan of anything that doesn’t require milk and/or sugar to be palatable.

With that in mind, do you drink loose leaf tea? What’s your favorite kind? Please comment with your recommendations!

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