Chocolate Pots de Creme – Recipe Review

Cat and I cook well together because often my issue is lack of inspiration, and Cat’s issue is lack of desire to do the thing. So when she finds something she’s interested in eating, it’s great because I’m usually interesting in making it!

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Bonus Recommendation: Portland Edition

We didn’t spend as much time in Portland as I would have liked, but what little time we had was pretty great. Got to see some wonderful friends, their wonderful poodles, and had a magical thing called a German pancake. What’s a German pancake, you ask?... read more

Restaurant Review: Barbacco

Cat and I ventured into the city and risked trying a new restaurant instead of going to one of our oft used favorites and things actually turned out pretty darn good. We arrived at the the San Francisco Ferry building and started yelping to see what was near and what... read more

Montana Summer Part 3

Part one here:  Part two here: I’m still feeling kind of full from all that rich road trip food, but I don’t regret a single bite of it. Here’s the last of my set... read more

Montana Summer Part 2

Cat is road-tripping. In the meantime, here’s a prescheduled post for your reading enjoyment. Original post here:  If you know anything at all about Montana, you probably associate the state with big skies, stunning vistas, and an... read more

Restaurant Review: Pho1 Noodle House

Our go-to local Vietnamese restaurant, Pho1 Noodle House, recently changed locations, updated their menus, redecorated, the whole she-bang. What was before a delicious place to eat, and maybe only order take-out from, has now become a really wonderful dining... read more

Review: Lifeline

I recently downloaded this Android and IOS game called Lifeline for $2.99. I’m not usually in the practice of paying for games or apps for my phone, but for the last couple of months I’ve been participating in the Google Opinion Rewards app which is free... read more

Restaurant Review: Izakaya Sozai – San Francisco

Mark made a wonderful choice for his special birthday dinner this weekend and we all went into the city (San Francisco) for some Japanese Tapas at Izakaya Sozai. Going into the city is always fun, but it’s definitely better when we’re going for food. It... read more

2014: Play Favorites

You may have noticed that, in addition to a love of food, we are also pretty darn fond of games. Here are some of our favorites – ones we personally experienced in 2014 (not necessarily released then).  Adam: A lot of shit happened in games last year. Leave a... read more

Recipe Review: Pierogi Lasagna

The Food in my Beard has been one of my absolute favorite food bloggers for a very long time. A lot of his stuff intimidates me, so usually I just ogle the pictures and get really hungry. He made this Pierogi Lasagna last year that I just couldn’t pass up... read more