Recipes from a Hat: Roast Pork Filet Filled w/ Cream Cheese & Apple in Fruity Ale Au Jus

Recipes from a Hat: Roast Pork Filet Filled w/ Cream Cheese & Apple in Fruity Ale Au Jus

I’ve been collecting recipes for a long, long time. I cut them out of magazines and newspapers with every intention of using them, but I never do!

They’ll collect dust no longer though, I will start randomly selecting one of my many recipes in order to challenge myself and break outside the norm.

This week I pulled a recipe that I cut out of a take out menu almost 8-9 years ago from Prescott Brewing Company in Arizona. On closer inspection it looks like they got the recipe from here.

I don’t blame them, this recipe looked delicious and it’s always fun to put alcohol in things.

Now the rules are I have to follow the recipe as-is, and then I’ll let you know how it went, whether I liked it, and if I have any suggestions.


I used a Pyramid Apricot Ale for the beer and I included the optional honey in the au jus.


I enjoyed this recipe, it was easy and simple to make, however it didn’t have quite the impact I was hoping for. It was, just okay, not great; it was a little too bland.



There was too much filling left over after stuffing the pork, I would suggest using only 4-5 oz of cream cheese and half a large apple, or a whole small apple.

Since things ended up a little bland I would also suggest seasoning the filling. I think next time I’ll finely mince about two teaspoons of the sage and include it in the cream cheese along with maybe a teaspoon of garlic powder.

This recipe has potential, it’s just not quite there yet.

Final Review:

3 Stars (3 / 5)

Easy and simple. Tasty, though a little bland. Would make again with just a few adjustments.


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