I’ve been collecting recipes for a long, long time. I cut them out of magazines and newspapers with every intention of using them, but I never do!

They’ll collect dust no longer though, I will start randomly selecting one of my many recipes in order to challenge myself and break outside the norm.

I knew that I wanted to do another “recipe from a hat” for this post as I haven’t had much energy or time to make new things recently. But now that the fall semester is over, even with the holidays, I’ve had more room to explore and try new things.

This afternoon while I was thumbing through an old Betty Crocker bread cook-book, I opened the fridge to see what ingredients we had, and a slip of paper fell out of the book and floated to the floor in front of me. It felt like a sign, or some kind of demand that I needed to make the recipe on that paper. It was for an Orange Pudding Cake using simple ingredients, and unfortunately I can not credit its origin as it seems to have been cut out of a magazine at some point.

I thought I would give it a whirl and had no idea what the final product would be like. Considering the recipe called for only 1/4 cup of flour, I’m not surprised that the closest thing I can describe it as is an orange flan.

The rules are I have to follow the recipe as-is, and then I’ll let you know how it went, whether I liked it, and if I have any suggestions.

orange pudding cake recipe

I thought it was tasty, both warm, and cold. Cat said that she preferred it once it reached room temperature.

orange pudding cake 2

The recipe didn’t give any instruction in regards to serving though. The way it looked once it came out of the oven made it seem like it should be inverted, so that’s what I tried to do. It was rather unsuccessful and at this point I assume the “pudding cake” should just be scooped out of the dish to serve.

orange pudding cake 3

It wasn’t quite as smooth as flan normally is, but it was very similar in texture and consistency. The orange was a nice strong flavor and just overall pleasant.


Next time I might add a bit more flour to make it a little more cake like, and I may also chose to not try to over turn it onto another dish. Also, don’t be impatient with the egg whites, once you add the sugar, it will take several minutes of heavy beating to become truly stiff.
If you’re worried about the top of it browning too much you can also put foil over it for the last 10 minutes, like I did.

Final Review:

3 Stars (3 / 5)

This wasn’t a killer recipe, and it wasn’t terrible, it was okay enough for me to be glad I made it, but probably truly won’t approach it again.



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