Overcoming Anxiety is a series where Cat shares tips for balancing a desire to be social with various phobias/fears. If your life is severely impacted and/or limited by your own anxiety, please consult an actual mental health professional. She is not one.

So, let’s just get this first bit out of the way: I self-identify as an intersectional feminist and makeup has generally been a major topic of debate in feminist circles. My personal opinion is that, as long as you’re wearing it for fun and because you actually want to, have at it. If someone pressures you to wear it, they are a butthead. Just do what you want and what makes you feel good. 🙂


This article is for people who haven’t ever experimented with wearing makeup and/or find the process intimidating. We’re going to start with the most basic of basics to ease you in, learn about the tools required, application methods, a starter look, a simple “day” look, and eventually an “evening” look.

I promise, this won’t happen to you:


First off, here are the tools you need for your 101-level starter look:

Cherry Chapstick


I warned you that we’re starting with the most basic of basics. The great thing about Chapstick is that you’ve probably used it before – the cherry version has just enough color to add a little something extra to your every day appearance.

Clear Mascara


This product will add just a little bit of definition to your eyelashes and eyebrows without having to worry about smudging during or after application.

If you have dry skin (characterized by flakes): Moisturizer

Drugstore pick: Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer moisturizer Department store pick: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (generally regarded as a cult classic)


This helps add a nice glow to your skin and, over time, can reduce or eliminate any flaking.

If you have shiny skin (also known as oily): Blotting Paper


Next time, I’ll show you how to safely/successfully apply these items for your first big step into wearing and enjoying makeup. 🙂

You’ll be on your way to “beautiful butterfly” in no time!


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