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I’m still feeling kind of full from all that rich road trip food, but I don’t regret a single bite of it. Here’s the last of my set of personal favorite restaurants from around Big Sky Country:

3. Missoula

I’ve admittedly not eaten at many places in Missoula, but golly are there a lot of options. From what I’ve tried so far, this next one is my fav.

The Silk Road, 515 South Higgins Street, Missoula, MT

(Image from Yelp User Ms. V.)

I’m usually nervous about restaurants that claim to serve more than one style of food, but The Silk Road delivers. It’s fun and feels a bit festive, while maintaining a cozy/comfy atmosphere.

No relation, I presume. 😉

4. Great Falls

Bert & Ernie’s, 300 1st Avenue South, Great Falls, MT 

o (2)

One of the highlights here is the Smokehouse burger. So good!

5. West Glacier

Babb Bar Baron Supper Club, Highway 89, Babb, MT

o (1)
(Image by Yelp user Ricky W.)

Hmm – online reviewers seems a bit mixed on this place, but it’s where I had the best steak of my life. (Seriously, YUM!) That’s really the thing to come here for – the sides and other dishes are fine, but it’s the meat that really shines. Er… glistens? Anyway, the outside looks a bit hokey and the interior is classic Montana lodge-y with a sprinkling of extra character from some beautiful Native American art.  It’s worth stopping by if  you want a filling meal while you’re visiting Glacier National Park.

Honorable Mention:

My #1 favorite place to eat in Montana is I-Hos, a Korean place (of all things!). Unfortunately, it has been closed for awhile now. There were rumors that it may reopen, so I’m hoping that by putting my good thoughts out into the ether, it might spur them to get back to business. If you find yourself in Bozeman and I-Hos is open, get the bi bim bap. Amazing!


Hope you enjoyed my little food roundup! Did I miss something? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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