There are a lot of benefits to having guests assemble their own food. They get the flavor profile they want, with ingredients in the exact proportions they desire. You don’t have do the assembling, which is also nice. I like that part.

The drawbacks are usually that you have to use more dishes – extra spoons for serving, extra dishes for assembling. And there can be more food waste, despite the fact that, rather than leave out an entire jar of (food thing), I put out a portion that I think will last the group (that way just the small portion spoils from being left out all evening instead of the jar). It also takes more time, but that can be part of the fun of the evening.

We’re clearly big fans of assemble-your-own-whatevers here at Qwerty Cafe. I’ve pulled together some of the greatest hits for the next time you want to try it yourself. Heads up: this seems to work best for groups under 10 people. More and it starts getting really complicated juggling space on the counter for assembly as well as space in the (cooking appliance) for things that require heat.

Taco Bar


Make-Your-Own-Pizza Rolls

pizza stuffed biscuit balls 3

Waffle Sundaes


Waffle Sandwiches

Pizza Waffles






Bake Potato Bar


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