About 12 years ago a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened near me. Everyone talked about how wonderful the doughnuts were, and how magical those warm, right from the fryer, just glazed ones were.  Everyone had to have them, warm or not, people went crazy for them. Even though the Krispy Kreme was pretty close, it was never that close without a car. So I only had a few Krispy Kremes from the local grocery store, but I didn’t think they were anything to go crazy over. A few years later, they closed. The buzz went away. The building sat there empty for years, until about 2 years ago. I noticed one day driving by the hot sign was on, and a super long line of cars wrapped around the building.

Did you know there’s an app for that!?


I still have not had a ‘hot one’, but did manage to make my way  there last fall for their pumpkin spice and pumpkin cheese cake doughnuts. That’s when I found out they had specialty flavors every month. Sometimes it’s two different flavors, or the same flavor in different styles, like a custard filled doughnut and a cake glazed doughnut.

This month’s flavors are cake batter, and brownie batter custard filled doughnuts. I love just about anything cake batter flavored, and who doesn’t like to lick the brownie spoon? We picked these up as soon as Adam and I could fit it into our Qwerty dinner cheat day. So, what did the Qwerty Crew think of these delicious little doughnuts?

Brandie: I really liked both of them, but the cake batter is the better one in my opinion. The flavor of the custard is spot on cake batter. Not overly sweet, or overwhelmingly cake batter flavor like the chemically tasting ones. It’s fresh and light. I hope to get at least one more before they are onto the next flavors. The brownie batter ones do taste like delicious just mixed up batter, it even has the little bit of brownie batter grit. But there’s just a little something missing flavor wise and I can’t quite put my finger one it. Would I eat another one? More than likely, it’s a chocolate creme filled doughnut. If there’s a Krispy Kreme near you I say go try them out!

Brie: Unfortunately, I was just getting over the flu when Adam and Brandie brought us these delectable donuts. I filled up quickly on dinner, but made sure to try one of these. I thought at first that the Brownie Batter would be what I wanted, but I ended up going with the Birthday Cake Batter. It was delicious! The filling tasted just like frosting, and the crunchy sprinkles on top were perfect. Growing up in New Hampshire, I was always a Dunkin Donuts girl, but Krispy Kreme is definitely a treat. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got next month!

Cat: So, this whole cheat day thing has really made me aware of whether or not I’m enjoying what I’m eating. In this case – the brownie batter doughnuts failed the “worth it?” test. The texture was nice, but I was expecting a rich, chewy, moist, ultra chocolatey experience – and they didn’t really deliver. The flavor just wasn’t that strong and though they weren’t unpleasant… I’d give them a “meh.” The cake batter flavor was much better, but only because of the filling. The pastry itself was similar in its blandness to the brownie batter. The filling, however, was absolutely reminiscent of frosting – but the sweetness was THISCLOSE to being cloying instead of enjoyable. For my diet’s sake, I’d definitely have the cake batter ones again… and I’d just spoon out some of the filling. 🙂 As a side note – I have tried fresh-from-the-oven classic Krispy Kremes and they are absolutely addicting.

Adam: The cake batter was for sure my favorite of the two. The problem with the brownie batter is that the donut itself doesn’t have enough of a flavor to enhance the filling. Mix the batter filling with a classic chocolate donut and I’d be on board!



Brandie graduated from the California Culinary Academy.
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