IGW is a look at a few great games from a few great indie developers who are actively seeking funding. Think we missed a great project? Are you working on a game you think deserves a spot on the list? Email Cat (cat [at] qwerty cafe [dot] com)!

Knitted Knerd Dice by Tabletop Crafts


Check out these cute “knerdy” dice bags! Fruit, sushi, mana vial, and the classic bomb – and those are just the basic bags. Chelle Neveux is basically trying to boost her business with this Kickstarter campaign, and she’s already well on her way to being funded. If you want to help push her campaign to the next level, you can contribute here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/576490336/knitted-knerd-dice-bags?ref=category nerddicebags

Here are a few words from Chelle herself:

“I’m turning to Kickstarter to fund creation of a set of dice bags and other hand crocheted gaming accessories. This funding will allow me to focus on producing these bags quickly, and with the highest degree of quality crafts for the lowest price.

The finished products will each be hand made. Each will be one of a kind, although they will be similar to the examples you see in the pictures below, as well as in the video. If you have special requests or questions, please feel free to message me. I’m always interested in brainstorming new designs!

Everything I make is unique, and if you have specific ideas or requests for color, size, etc. please let me know. Some options or requests might cost a little extra if they’re very extravagant, but I’m also excited to try new things! “

And check out the promotional video here:

Fund Knitted Knerd Dice Bags before June 18, 2014.


Breach TD by Space Rhino Games


I am always a sucker for tower defense games – and Breach TD promises to be an “evolved” version that … doesn’t have towers. The pitch is that there are battle units (AKA Guardians) instead of towers and… well, look at it yourself!

Their goals with the project are certainly ambitious and I have to say I typically love the classic tower defense format (even though they call it boring), but I’m certainly curious. This could be fun.

Here’s more of their pitch from the campaign page:

“Breach TD is a competitive, team-based multiplayer, cross-platform strategy game that fuses tower defense elements with the fast-paced nature of MOBA and RTS.

Two rival teams clash in a fight for survival against the Void, where players choose 4 out of an ever-expanding roster of powerful Guardians to take to the front lines in an action-packed 3v3 match-up. Commanding these mighty Guardians, and wielding Relics that offer a dynamic array of powers and abilities, players are free to create unique strategies to match their favorite playstyle, where Breach TD offers near endless replayability.

A match is divided into 2 mayor phases:

A. The Building Phase where you have a limited amount of time to both buy and strategically place your guardian units out in the field as well as potentially upgrade your economic structure, which allows you to send Rift Attacks to your opponent, distracting his units from their defense.

B. The Combat Phase where your guardians head into battle to defend your base and support them with the power of Relics.”

Fund Breach TD before June 1, 2014.


Go Extinct! – Go Fish… evolved by Ariel Marcy


“Use science to topple your opponents” – I’m in!

Go Extinct! is a revolutionary evolutionary card game for humans aged 8 and up. The game set includes a deck of 54 beautifully-illustrated animal cards and a simplified, yet accurate, evolutionary tree board used for reference during play.”

Simple, educational, and seemingly well-executed? Yup. I like this thing already. Check out the promotional video:

Fund Go Extinct! before May 31, 2014.

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