IGW is a look at a few great games from a few great indie developers. Think we missed a great project? Are you working on a game you think deserves a spot on the list? Email Cat (cat [at] qwerty cafe [dot] com)!

I’m going to break from our usual format this month to talk a little bit about what this column was, where it went, and how I’d like it to function in the future (feedback is welcome – dive into the comments if you have opinions).

It started as an attempt to highlight good up and coming games, usually by up and coming developers, with a side benefit of supporting independent creatives by signal-boosting their attempts at crowd-funding. Slowly it became a list of Kickstarter-only highlights, partially because it really takes a long time to keep up a list of interesting projects that are looking for funds and partially because I didn’t have enough time to explore each game, each company, each story, as fully as I thought they deserved. Then I had to take a traditional day job for several months (bills are bills), and my spare time for digging through Kickstarter to find the diamonds in the rough went down to zero. The column went with it.

I want to bring it back again, albeit in a slightly different format, on the usual last Thursday of each month. I still believe that there isn’t currently a great single source for finding new, interesting games and that our best bet, for now, is curating our own lists and hoping to connect with other similarly passionate content-curators.

Moving forward, I intend to share a broader mix of games that happen to catch my eye. I will purposefully avoid AAA*, but beyond that, I will not limit anything beyond my own personal tastes or exclusively to projects still seeking funding. This frees me up to include games that I have just discovered that may be a bit older, but still worthy of renewed attention/interest.

Because most of my work is in and around game development, I am actually quite excited to lift the “actively seeking funding” restraint. It means I can dive in and play the games that resonate with me, or explore leads friends and peers in the industry recommend, in addition to mining the usual sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and the like.

Your recommendations for other ways/places to find interesting, progressive, arty, etc. games are welcome!

I’m looking forward to sharing my finds with all of you. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

* Officially reserving the right to define AAA for myself, as it can get a bit fuzzy.

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She is also allergic to felines.
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