We’re getting ready for a zillion holiday festivities here in Qwerty land. Brie and I went out to fetch the tree (her name is Norma) and put up some decorations this week. Clearly, the most important stocking is Cheeto’s.


Now we just need to finish cleaning and plan the menu for our holiday movie party. The feature last year was DieHard, but this year we’re going with something a little older. (Holiday Inn, which was made in 1942.) In terms of food, we’re thinking:

Movie Theater Popcorn


Ginger Egg Nog Scones


Easy Peasy Rum Cake


I’ve also been considering soft pretzels, candied pecans, and … something else? Something more substantial — maybe meat-based? Still need to figure out. Also hot chocolate. Mmm.

We have lots of other recipes that work really well for holiday parties, but I’m feeling a little lazy. Most years I try to make sure all of the following flavors are represented: egg nog, peppermint, chocolate, cranberry, apple cider, and gingerbread. With their powers combined, it really feels festive.

Here’s the spread the first year we hosted in 2013 (for some reason I neglected to take a photo last year):


Another good one for holiday parties is Quick Egg Nog Pie (very fast, very tasty).


And that’s it, folks! What do you like to serve guests during the winter holiday season?

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