Here’s your gift guide for this holiday season. Whether you’re buying for someone you love or for your office’s white elephant exchange, I’ve rounded up some great nerdy options.

Stocking Stuffers (under $15)

Personal Potato Chip Maker

Personal Potato Chip Maker ($9.99 – ThinkGeek)

Erlenmeyer Shot Glasses – Set of 4 ($9.67 – Amazon)

Zombie Apocalypse Magnet Set

Zombie Apocalypse Magnet Set ($9.99 – ThinkGeek)

My Neighbor Totoro Gray Apron ($6.59 – Amazon)

Space Capsule Tea Infuser

Space Capsule Tea Infuser ($9.99 – ThinkGeek)

My Neighbor Totoro 2-tier Bento Lunch Box ($11.71 – Amazon)

The Constellation Mug ($14.95 – Amazon)

Grow Your Own Coffee

Grow Your Own Coffee Kit ($9.99 – ThinkGeek)

Star Wars R2D2 Christmas Ornament ($7.99 – Amazon)


Under the Tree ($15 and up)

Chemist's Spice Rack

Chemist’s Spice Rack ($49.99 – ThinkGeek)

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker ($39.99 – Amazon)

R2-D2 Ceramic Teapot

Star Wars R2D2 Ceramic Teapot ($39.99 – ThinkGeek)

Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Ornament ($17.99 – Amazon)

Planetary Glass Set

Planetary Glass Set ($34.99 – ThinkGeek)

Harry Potter House Tumbler Cup – Set of 4 ($29.34 – Amazon)

BB-8 Desktop Lamp

Star Wars BB-8 Desktop Lamp ($39.99 – ThinkGeek)

Gears and Wheels Wine Bottle Storage Rack ($60.67 – Amazon)

Alien Abduction Bookends

Alien Abduction Bookends ($24.99 – ThinkGeek)

Star Wars R2D2 Light String  ($20.49 – Amazon)



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*Fun Fact: When she was 10-13ish, only 1 out of every 5 batches of sugar cookie dough would make it past the butter/sugar stage and end up in the oven instead of Brie’s stomach. #ThisIsWhyI’mFat
P.S. She also set the microwave on fire during the same era while making home-made microwavable popcorn. Pro tip: Alton Brown is WRONG and you cannot put a paper bag with staples into the microwave; things will go badly.
P.P.S Happy ending. Even though to put out the fire she threw a bowl of water onto it and shorted all the circuits, the microwave started working after a week and her mom was non-the-wiser.
P.P.P.S But, I guess not any longer…

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