I managed to throw my back out last week (way to start feeling old!). As a result, I have been kind of mopey and in need of some comfort food. We’re pretty fond of comfort food around here (have you seen this?), but it doesn’t always have to be full of fat, carbs, cheese, and really, calories.



That’s where fresh mint tea comes into play for me. It takes the edge off of the cold weather we’ve been having, throws some color into my life, and is simultaneously comforting and refreshing.

It’s also ridiculously easy, and I happened to have some mint leftover from the weird-looking strawberry pie I made the other day.

So – let’s make some tea.

First, go get a bunch of fresh mint (usually available in the veggie aisle at your local supermarket).

Next, tear it to pieces and put it into two medium-large mugs.

Then, pour in some boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes.

There ya go! There’s your tea!

Okay, fine, you CAN add some honey if you’d like. But it’s already pretty sweet. I swear. 🙂

You can also serve it hot or let it sit awhile in the fridge and serve it cold. Either way, it is delicious.



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