As you’ve probably already noticed, we like to mix food and all kinds of games here at Qwerty. I happened upon a lovely issue of Memory Insufficient, a well curated ezine dedicated this month  to the mingling of the two, so I thought HEY GUESS WHO MIGHT LIKE TO READ THIS.

You lovely folks. That’s who. In case it wasn’t clear. 🙂


Check it out:

“Food and play are both things that sustain us, connect us, and nurture us. This issue of Memory Insufficient looks at some of the ways that food and games have been connected: Lana Polansky and Austin C. Howe look at representations of food, cooking, and eating in games history; Jefferson Geiger and Onesimus Kain examine their own personal associations with eating and play; and Zoya Street looks back at Shenmue in an alternate history, imagining if cuisine took the place of combat in games culture.

– Guest edited by Nick Capozzoli
– Lana Polansky, Soup is good food: On the economy of props
– Jefferson Geiger, The drinking game: Taste and nourishment in games culture
– Zoya Street, Culinary RPG: An alternate-history game review of Shenmue
– Onesimus Kain, Breaking Bread: Games as kinship rituals
– Austin C. Howe, Chrono isn’t hungry: gastrological ludonarratives”

You can download the issue in full here: Download now

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