It’s hard to believe that my cousins and I launched Qwerty Cafe nearly three years ago. Food blogging has been … a process, one that has been equal parts challenging and rewarding. Each year I find myself thinking about what we’ve done with this digital space and strategizing about what my hopes and dreams are for it long term. I’ve decided to actually write down my goals/wishes/hopes for 2016 and share them with all of you here.

Hopes for Qwerty Cafe in 2016

  1. Talk to you more! Our page views go up and up, but we don’t actually get a lot of comments and engagement. I’d love to really talk you attractive and intelligent people who come and check out our recipes and experiences, and do it in a more meaningful way. We’ve considered changing up our commenting system to help make this easier, but hopefully we’ll actually get that executed and final in the next year.
  2. Get our nerdy on. We admittedly fall back on gif posts and rushed recipes more often than I’d like and I miss the days of pairing recipe recommendations with game reviews. I’m hoping we do a better job of talking about games, entertaining, and other nerdly (like studly) pursuits.
  3. Peek behind the curtain. I’ve held off on meta posts about food blogging because I was worried that those kinds of posts have been done to death around the internet. Then I realized that, with the popularity of food blogging and even the recipes we choose to feature, thousands of people have already covered the same topics we have. The difference is that we are not those people — so why worry about what they’ve posted? We’re all special snowflakes with unique perspectives, so it’s silly to hold back just because something has been done before by someone else.
  4. Better photos. I know our photography is pretty spotty. I feel guilty about it. Although I stand behind the recipes we post, (since they are kitchen tested and generally group-approved), the photos range from pretty okay to almost embarrassing. My hope is that better planning and some self control will help upgrade the look of our posts in the coming year. (But it’s hard when something delicious is glistening right there in front of your hungry face).

Thanks so much for your support over the years! If there’s anything else you’d like to see us work on, please let us know in the comments.

Big hugs and much love to you!

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Cat loves to eat tasty homemade things, yet isn’t terribly fond of the process of making them. She prefers recipes that take shortcuts when possible – without compromising flavor. Her dog, Cheeto, likes stealing her creations from the dining room table.

She lives in the Bay Area and cites her diverse background as her biggest influence: her visual artist mom is half-Chinese, half-Greek, and from Hawai’i; her film-loving, world-music curating dad is from Montana; and she lived in both California and Montana while growing up. She loves at least a little bit about virtually everything (Pokémon Snap included) and aims to be a Jane of all trades. By day Cat is a multiple-hat-wearing media person.

She is also allergic to felines.
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