Bialosky Bear Vanilla Wafers

I’ve been struggling with depression lately which has involved a lot of wandering aimlessly around the kitchen late at night. I knew I wanted something snacky and sweet but didn’t want to get into anything too involved and inspiration hit though when I... read more

Candied Pecans

I’m not a big fan of nuts. Sure, I can eat a handful of honey roasted peanuts now and then, salted cashews are starting to grow on me, and I like my peanut-butter crunchy, but I despise Jordan almonds and think that nuts ruin perfectly good fudge. I hate nuts in... read more

Chocolate Port Cake

I remember originally thinking that wine and chocolate are such a good pairing that there MUST be an excellent recipe out there on the internets that combines the two. I’ve modified it from the original, swapped out plain ole red wine in favor of port and adjusted the proportions a hair. It’s so delicious, you guys.

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Chocolate Pots de Creme – Recipe Review

Cat and I cook well together because often my issue is lack of inspiration, and Cat’s issue is lack of desire to do the thing. So when she finds something she’s interested in eating, it’s great because I’m usually interesting in making it!

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10 Popsicles You Need In Your Life Right Now.

It has been super hot again and everything is terrible. What’s that? You’re upset that a person with a college education, a job, a safe place to live, and ample food is complaining about things? Then stop reading a darn food blog and do something valuable... read more

Strawberry Margarita Cake

I made this cake for the first time about four years ago.     My boyfriend at the time was working in a managerial position for Claire’s corporate, and I had somehow ended up as the official cake baker for his employees birthdays. They quickly caught wind that I... read more

“I Screwed Up the Bread” Pudding

Our breadmaker is… well… really darn old. I usually put a knife block in front of it while it’s running because the latch on the door doesn’t stay shut while it’s wobbling wildly during its mixing stages. Add the ricketyness to the fact... read more

Almond Belgian Waffles

For Christmas Adam and Brandie gave me a wonderful waffle iron for which I’ve had a few opportunities to use over the last couple of months. Belgian waffles are great for any occasion, but I’ve added a little twist that definitely makes these my new... read more

Puppy Bowl Sundaes

I’m admittedly not a big fan of football (no judgement on those of you who are – it’s just not my thing). And, since I never turn down the opportunity to annoy people with my puns, this year I announced that we’d be having Puppy Bowl Sundaes... read more

Strawberry Pie: Take 1

Have I been on a pie kick lately? I feel like I’ve been on a pie kick lately. Being on a pie kick, you’d think that baking one would go smoothly for me. Ha. HAHAHAHA. Ahem. Anyway. I managed to make a tasty strawberry pie, but it took some improvising. And... read more