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This space was created in March of 2013 as a home for recipes, reviews, and entertaining tips for those on the nerdier end of the spectrum. Great get-togethers are not exclusively the domain of extroverts – we believe everyone should be empowered to have a great time hanging out with family, friends, and friends-to-be.

About the Foodies

With our powers combined, our authors represent social nerds, gamers, cinemaphiles, bibliophiles, laqueristas, food fanatics, social anxiety disorders, and more. It’s fun stuff. Oh, and Brandie is wife to Adam who is brother to Brie who is cousin to Cat! We’re all pretty awesome. Learn a bit more about each of us by clicking on our names. Or not. Up to you.


We are committed to providing our readers with the best of what we know. We only recommend what we ourselves use and love, and any sponsored posts are labeled as such (and still contain honest opinions).

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