You may have noticed that, in addition to a love of food, we are also pretty darn fond of games. Here are some of our favorites – ones we personally experienced in 2014 (not necessarily released then). 


A lot of shit happened in games last year. Leave a comment if you don’t know about this, but you likely don’t want to find out.

I’m sure I played a bunch of cool stuff, lots of little Twine games but I really didn’t keep track last year (I’m looking to improve things this year so I’m keeping a list of the games I’ve played).

I also spent way more time watching people play games than playing them myself, I don’t regret it, it is sometimes a much more enjoyable and educational way to experience games.

I could randomly pick a few things I remember playing and liking, but let’s go hard here and pick just one game.

Dragon: Age: Inquisition: 117 hours to complete my first play-through and not a minute too long. I need to put up a gallery of the 1,800+ screenshots I took while playing. Like Brie mentions below, I have plans for at least 2 more play-throughs, though I probably won’t spent as much time on them (mostly because only some of the game will change the next time I play).

I said I wasn’t going to list a bunch of games, but I’ve changed my mind, these will go without commentary, but maybe pick one and try it out?


Technoccolut: Covenant / Marginalia / CHYRZA / Kindness Coins (seriously, these are all great, check ’em out!)


A lot of great games came out last year; I played a few (watched people play a lot more), but I also played some older games that I hadn’t seen before. My best of 2014 is a mix of those.

I’m not going to rank them, because I wouldn’t be able to decide, so in no significant order:


Goat Simulator was so much fun and a gift that just kept on giving. It was a blast to play as a group and a lot of fun to kill time with on my own. A surprise of a game, and totally worth it.


The game I was most excited about coming out this year was Dragon Age: Inquisition. Even though I haven’t finished the last story-line quest (I’m busy with school and am trying to complete all the side-quests first) I’ve got a TON of hours invested. I’m also already planning my next play through.


Another game I got really excited about as soon as I knew it existed is Lifeless Planet. The ambiance of it was so enjoyable and perfect to play in a dark room. Space is totally my jam, and the whole astronaut on a deserted planet thing was perfect.


My final game of 2014 though is The Longest Journey, which is a surprise considering the game was originally released in 1999. Adam and I are currently working on a play through and it’s just been so much fun. Even though the graphics are clearly dated, the writing and voice acting has been fantastic.


As Adam mentioned, things were rough in games last year (which is an understatement). This … situation … definitely influenced my playing habits. Life habits, if I’m honest. You’ll notice that in my picks, most likely.


Quing’s Quest. The immensely talented Squinky created this simple, silly, and delightful text-based game that gave me immense emotional relief during a time that I really needed it. They have made other, lovely games – so if you’re into games that feel fully human and personal, give ’em a go. (More on Quing’s Quest in Squinky’s own words HERE.)


Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna). Beautiful art, touching story, and the incredible influence of the Iñupiat people (Alaska Native), their culture, and folklore.  It’s a puzzle platformer, and it’s well-worth playing all the way through to the end (a three-or-so hour endeavor).

I also took great delight in both Goat Simulator and Dragon Age (mentioned above by Adam & Brie).

That’s all, folks. What did you play and love last year? Looking forward to anything in particular in 2015?

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